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Fitness Ladies

My Approach


Modern women have a lot on their plate; Between building demanding careers, a start of a family, becoming mothers, facing heart-breaking situations, standing back at their feet, it is hard to keep up with a healthy lifestyle or even keep pushing yourself and challenging yourself every singe step of the way.

I have worked with several women and girls that came to me with different goals. But whether they wanted to lose some weight, get stronger, learn how have a healthier lifestyle, or just simply feel good in their own skin again… They all had one thing in common by the end of the program. They learned how to use fitness as their platform for a healthier and happier lifestyle, they felt confident and powerful - which also had an enormous impact on the rest of their lives (in relationships, at career success, at their mindset and approach to tackling issues).

I do not only help women achieve their fitness goals, I help them understand how to follow a healthier lifestyle, empower them to become the best version of themselves.

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