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Sitting-all-day Office-Job? Stay Active! (3 simple rules that everyone can apply!)

Struggling to find ways to keep active on a 9am-6pm office job? You are not alone! And guess what? I got some tips, to help you out! These are tiny changes that you can apply to your daily routine and that will help you achieve a more active working day, without even realising!

Lunch break

Take it out! Take your food to the park if it is a sunny day! Alternatively, use at least 15 minutes of your lunch break for some walking time. A change of environment will not only freshen up your mind and restart your mindset (yes, it might even help you come up with a solution to that ‘impossible’ problem!), but it will also keep you motivated, with a positive vibe and a better mood.


Move objects that you usually use throughout a working day, the furthest away from you! Be smart about your office layout and a build a walk-to-reach tactic. A minute break to walk to the item you need and back, compared to sitting on that chair for 2 hours straight, is much more preferable!

Walk that walk

I got two very simple tips (pretty sure they are the first things that came to your mind after reading the title of this article!). Firstly, are you travelling to work with a car? Park it further away! This will increase the number of steps you take to and from work! Secondly, do you use an elevator? Ditch the elevator and fall in love with the stairs! This will also tone your legs and it also helps in building that booty (yes, stairs is 2 in 1!).

Bonus tip for those with a Gym Membership

There are usually 30-minute classes, taking place during lunch hours, to accommodate people like you! Check your local gym’s classes and book 2-3 lunchtime classes per week!

Get your Girl Can Do on!

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